Custom Orders

Unique YOUniforms 

Are you tired of the typical, low-quality uniforms?

Need high quality, durable and protective uniforms for your organization?

Want your staff/students to feel excited by the idea of expressing themselves in their uniforms?


You've come to the right place. Partnering with Keepeekee to design custom uniforms for your staff or students will not only make them look stylish, it will also make them feel: 

Confident – comfortable and stylish in their Keepeekee apparel

Empowered – strong and capable in their skin

Catered to – the uniforms have been specially designed and tailored for them

Secure – Keepeekee items are durable enough to withstand long days

Altruistic – buying from a business that is making a difference


How do we serve you?

We want to take the burden of worrying about ordering uniforms from you, so you can focus on more critical aspects of your business and serve your customers. We also come to you to make it easy for you to access our products. We offer the following:

    •  Affordable Prices
    •  Numerous fabric and color choices
    •  Custom designs
    •  Branding (with your logo)
    •  Various sizing choices
    •  Quick and easy ordering/reordering
    •  Fast, reliable and professional services